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i’m a twenty something college drop out turned self healer, poetry writer, joy seeker, podcaster, and lover of all things involving wine and good conversation. that pup right there? he’s my biggest confidant, my saving grace, and my best pal. his name is jordy, and he loves to show you how cute he can be.

i help women find value in their strengths by working through their pain to find their power. my trauma informed approach teaches people that no matter what their life has brought them to, there is always a strength within them that will allow them to grow in ways they never thought possible and will lead them to living powerful lives.

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this community was created as a support group for women looking for change or growth in their life. this is a space created to share in successes, struggles, questioning, encouragement, pain, encouragement, wins, losses, and every other part of daily life. this is a space for holistic wellness – encouraging growth in every part of life as we dive in together to a life with more self care, self growth, self healing, and self love.

this space is safe. it was created to support the people inside it to be authentic and real with their joys and their struggles. we are here to support each other in every area of life, including but not limited to: mindful movement, mental health, diet and nutrition, personal development, self love and growth, life events, relationships, hardships, and virtually anything else you could possibly think of.

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  • the truth about self care + the value of a gyst day
    the coronavirus has officially changed the way we live. self care is the biggest trend lately. and so many have fallen into it. and i’m no exception. i fuggin love my self care sundays, my moments of silence, cutting the world out, taking long walks along the river, treating myself to coffee because it tastes […]
  • giving yourself what you need
    when i was in high school, i often made friends with those considered to be “outcast.” my best friend throughout all of my school years and even into college was the most popular kid in school. she was the best athlete, the prettiest girl, and an all around great person. every girl wanted to be […]
  • journal entry // 04.26.2020
    i woke up feeling so fat today. fat isn’t a word I enjoy using. anything taught negatively about any body is body shaming (write that down) and i have worked so hard to remove myself from that downward spiral. but some days it still creeps up on me. old habits die hard, i guess. today […]
  • trauma informed care + how it will make you a better friend
    i wanted to tell you my story. i had it ready to publish. it was all written out. it was all ready to go. i wanted to tell you the story. and not some poem written with emotion and created to make you feel things. i wanted to tell you what happened and how it […]

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episode 09 // the truth about self care + the value of a gyst day what would kate say?

self care has become the hottest trend lately, but are we actually caring for ourselves? this week i explore the concept of self care, the value of getting your shit together, and how they go hand in hand to help you live your best life. thanks for listening! xoxoxo see more shownotes. your support means the WORLD to me. thanks for being here. want to hear more? have anything in particular you want me to talk about? experiencing something you want guidance on? i'm only a message away. join our community! find me on social media: katerochelle.com facebook instagram — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app
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