what’s up, i’m kate!

i’m a twenty something college drop out turned personal growth coach, poetry writer, joy seeker, podcaster, self healer, and forever human to my pup, jordy.

it has become my greatest passion and privilege to guide women through learning to love themselves better by working through emotions, experiences, and energies to help them reach their highest self.

this is a safe space.

it is a space for reflection. for learning. for growing. it is a space for investing. for healing. for grace. this space was not created for you to go to agree. it is a space created to encourage you to see. it is a space for you to drop prejudice, to drop shame, to drop expectations, to drop weapons and envelop yourself with peace, with wonder, with love. come as you are. you are welcome here. i am so glad to have you.

my latest posts

  • i am right here
    a letter to my insecurity, that often creeps in and tries to bring me back to moments of pain. the hard thing about vulnerability is learning to care for yourself afterwards. it’s difficult to be vulnerable in spaces where you feel left to clean up your own wounds. i’ve seemed to have many conversations that have left me that way over the last couple of weeks, and i’ve found it left me angry. so i wrote about it. heres to insecurity, and to regaining your power when people leave you feeling less than.
  • breathing
    some days we celebrate massive accomplishments, other days we celebrate making it through. here are some words on finding our breath when we need to remember to breathe.
  • a year of intention
    we are constantly moving, always so busy. but what if we lived life with intention? these are some words on intentional living and what the world would look like if we were more intentional with the little things.