sometimes, love

I will never forget the first time love walked into a room. It was wearing Chucks and a Captain America t-shirt that looked like it had gone through the wash twenty-seven too many times. Because it had.

And love taught me so many things. Sometimes love has long blonde hair and breathtaking blue eyes. Sometimes love brings Taco Johns to your workplace on a long day. And sometimes, love just sits there, playing with your gross hair until you fall asleep.

Sometimes love wants an adventure. It wants to drive 138.4 miles to rub your sore back. It wants to take you four-wheeling and hiking and cliff jumping in the mountains. Love wants to take you on a drive down country roads; and love — it wants you to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Love is waiting at two in the morning outside of an abandoned barn. And after an hour of sitting there waiting, love takes you to get fries at three because that’s all your heart desires. It beats you, but not too badly, at a game of one on one because it knows how badly you hate to lose. And love, it takes you to grab smoothies when all you crave is ice cream, because it knows how sick you get when you eat dairy.

Sometimes love takes you to Starbucks and doesn’t even order. And sometimes love takes you to Scooters and doesn’t order again. Love just knows you need your coffee to go with the good conversation.

You see, love says, “Wear a jacket; it’s cold out,” or “Call me when you get home, please.” Love tosses you a Trolli Gummy Egg when no one else is looking, because it knows that it’s your absolute favorite. It pulls over at the first sound of Luke Bryan, because it knows you want to dance. Love smiles at the sight of you, because love cherishes your memory, even when you’re long gone.

Sometimes love pushes you out of the way, because “girls don’t walk street side.” It says, “I know you’re legitimately awful at fantasy basketball, but if you just give me your password, we can try to win together.” Sometimes love knows when to love you, and when to leave you alone.

Sometimes love sits you down with a caramel macchiato and only talks about you. Sometimes love slips you a note that says, “Thanks for the hug. You’re my tangible grace — completely undeserved.”

I’ll never forget the last time love walked into a room. It walked and talked with a shattered heart filled with Jesus, as if it had loved before. Because it had.

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