playing catch up

Sometimes life seems like a disaster.

Like, you’re trying to fix a problem, but somehow on the way the problem becomes more serious than ever.

It’s funny how things work that way.

And that’s exactly how it worked for me.

It’s funny how I can make an appointment to go on medication for my anxiety, and how also I can have my second, and third, and fourth anxiety attacks within twenty four hours of that appointment.

It’s funny. It’s outrageously funny.

My therapist tbought so too.

Because that’s exactly how life works. It loves to remind you of the seriousness of your problem right before you try to fix it.

As if you didn’t know it existed in the first place…

The last month and a half have been outrageous. And in that time I’ve addressed many things in my life, but I’ve also fallen into so many poor habits. Even those as simple as intaking much more caffeine than I usually do in an entire year, or drinking coffee again (and feeling it later).

I’ve been constantly playing catch up.

Catching up on my health. Catching up on my friendships. Catching up on my sleep. Catching up on my finances. Catching up on my time with Jesus.

(Speaking of, He is so faithful, amirite?)

The last two weeks alone have been full of so many changes. (I’m excited about them. It’s going to be a treat for sure.)

But good things always come with a price.

Thank goodness for Jesus and good friends and some damn good chai lattes. Finna get me some of that.

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