“be gentle”

While we are cleaning
throughout our work day,
often I will hear
“Kate! Help!”

The vacuum chord is
tangled in knots
or the garbage bag
won’t open.

And I will hear her
struggle aloud,
and I’ll turn the corner
and see her mercilessly
shaking the bag
or violently jerking
the chord.

“Be gentle,”
I will tell her.
“How can we see
how to fix this
if we cannot see
the problem?”

And she will slow down,
identify the location of the knot
and pull the chord through.


I am learning
what it means
to have a gentle spirit.

To walk through this world
as if I am not battered
for just a moment.

I am trying
with all of my might
to see flowers as beautiful
and not as things
that will die eventually, too.

I am looking for grace
in the body I
all so often feel like I’m
stuck in.

I am searching for love
inside of my heart
and have no idea
where to find it.

“Be gentle,”
I tell myself.
“How can we see
how to fix this
when we cannot see
the problem?”

How can I know beauty
when I don’t allow any
beauty within myself?

How can I know grace
when I have none for
my bruises and scars?

How can I see love
when I don’t know what
my heart looks like?

How can I fix
what I deem to be
such a problem
if I do not allow myself
to see who I
was made to be
in the first place?

And then I breathe.
Because gentleness allows
true problems to be seen
and gives us a space
to fix them.

Life is so much
when we are
gentle with it.

People are so much
when we approach them
with grace

The stress from trauma,
the anxiety from memories,
the overwhelming sadness from depression;
they are far from enough
to push you over the edge.

But laugher is tranquility,
and beauty is grace,
and life is a little better
when we are gentle with it.

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