see yourself

i saw these words once:

i search for happiness
when i should be
embodying it

and thoughts started to
swirl around in my mind

why can i see joy
in everyone else
but i have a hard time
seeing it in myself?

why are the people around me
so full of stability and love and
hope and joy and simplicity
while i’m over here so
full of anxiety, while everything is
always so damn complicated?

why can i see the things i
desire the most in the
people around me but
i’m at a loss trying to
obtain them myself?

and then i start to wonder,
if this is how i see myself,
is this how other people see me, too?

there it is

my negative self image

pushing itself onto the way i
imagine people to see me

instead of bold and confident and
generous and kind and loving,
i begin to imagine myself to be
seen as unstable and unkind
and selfish and undesirable

i find myself least desirable
when i desire myself the least

when i don’t want who i am
when i don’t like who i am
when i don’t enjoy who i am

t h e s e are the moments i
imagine other people to
see me as undesirable

i imagine myself to be
least desirable when i
find myself the least desirable

because that is exactly
how i see myself to be

because that’s how i
expect others to see me

the way you see yourself
has so much power in your life

it manifests itself in your
relationships, in your
career, in your mental
health, in your consistency,
in your routines, in your
family, in your home

it affects the way you
approach people and the way
people approach you

it affects the way you
maneuver every single
area of your life

and it all starts with
how you see yourself

your self image matters

the way you see yourself matters

see yourself as kind
and you will be kinder
than you ever imagined
yourself to be

see yourself as strong
and you will be stronger
than you ever thought possible

see yourself as beautiful
and you will begin to realize
that other people find you to be
beautiful, too

all too often, we blind
ourselves to the
wholeness of who we
truly are by choosing to
see ourselves negatively,

by choosing to not
see ourselves at all

when all you truly
need to do is

s e e y o u r s e l f

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