twenty four commitments

today is the last day of my jordan year

today i took some time to reflect over the last year of my life

all of the things that ended
all of the things i will be
carrying over to twenty-four

and i noticed some things about twenty-three

i spent so much of twenty-three growing
and investing in the people around me

i learned how to commit
to stick around
to quit shoving things away
and start shoving through

i learned grief comes in waves
and you never fully move on from it,
but move forward with it

i learned even good things can end
and that doesn’t make them not right
or not good
or not exactly what you needed at the time

but of all of the things i have learned
i saw that i did not commit to myself

so that is what i’ve decided to do for twenty four

twenty four commitments to myself
to better myself
to love myself
to put myself first

these are twenty four ways i will invest in myself over my twenty fourth year

i will not give men my time
just because i have time to give

i will not allow people to tell me
who i am and what i am capable of

i will not allow my
depression to knock me out

i will save 10% from
each paycheck i make

i will not let how i feel
affect the way i treat my body

i will continually invest in the
people around me regardless of
how much they invest in me

i will only do things that
bring me joy

i will invest alone time in
myself each day

i will stay on my
meds all year long

i will listen to my body and
give it what it needs

i will take more time to
rest my body and my mind

i will drink lots
and lots
of water

i will move my body
every single day

i will invest in relationships that
propel me forward

i will do the best thing i can
for myself in each moment

i will dance a
hell of a lot more

i will cook at home

i will build routines
that sustain my health

i will travel more often

i will not work just because
i have no plans

i will eat more plants

i will run a
half marathon

i will spend more time
with my dog

i will not let my
life experiences dictate
the joy i embody during my
twenty fourth year