let them see you

“you only let people see
what you want them to see,”
he told me.
“knock your shit off.
i want to see all of you.”

‘authenticity,’ i breathed.
‘real, honest, authentic.’


the most authentic experiences
come from the most authentic self

so that day, i dove in
head first
into the unknown
into the awkwardness
into the vulnerability

‘let them see you’
i’d remind myself

‘put together is overrated.
talk about the fear
talk about the anxiety
talk about the assult
talk about the food
talk about the meds.’

authentic, honest, real.

let them see you.

let them see your heart
the way it beats soundly
the way it beats faster
when you’re anxious
or gently while you sleep

let them see your tears
while they’re welling up in your eyes
as the anxiety wells up in your soul
when they’re streaming down your
cheek as you suffocate from the pain

let them see your face
as you watch him leave
as your loneliness overwhelms you
as you begin your new normal

let them see your eyes
that spark with joy at the sight of your pup
that embody every ounce of peace
you feel when you’re safe in bed for the night
that light up with each laugh that leaves your lips

your authenticity is powerful
your honesty is impactful
your vulnerability is rare
they want to see you
let them see you

you are all things good, sweet princess

let them see you

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