seven tips for body positivity

the other day i got a new tattoo

it’s something i’ve wanted for a long time
and something i’ve put off for even longer

the thought of putting permanent ink on my body
also brought on feelings of inadequacy

at the end of it all
i didn’t feel sexy enough to
do what i wanted to do

how a b s u r d

so i wanted to share
some of the habits i’ve
created over the years to
encourage myself when i feel
less than

so here they are

seven ways to be body positive
when your mind is keepin ya negative

  1. do some yoga
    yoga is such a great way to
    connect with your body.
    it allows you to tap into your
    strength and reset your mind
    in order to be at one with yourself
  2. wear clothes that fit
    it’s amazing how great you can
    feel about yourself when you
    shop for clothes that fit rather than
    what size they are! clothes that
    fit will always feel better, and they will
    help you feel better about yourself, too
  3. check your people
    spending time with people who
    accept you just as you are will
    always encourage you when you are
    feeling down about yourself
    your people matter, so invest in the
    girls who remind you how hot you are
    even when you’re in sweats
  4. embrace imperfections
    that mole on your shoulder? it’s unique to you
    that hair that won’t fall in place? tomorrow
    might work out better. can’t get your brows
    to even out? put on a little lipstick and
    remind the boys your lips are off limits
    no matter how hard they try. have grace for
    yourself, babygirl. for every time you
    think that imperfection is a flaw, there’s
    someone who thinks it’s the cutest thing about
    you. you’re worth all the grace today.
  5. have a jammin playlist
    having a playlist to listen to when you’re
    feeling down about yourself is always a
    mood changer! listening to badass women
    remind you about how great you are always
    makes life easier. don’t have one? i’ll link
    mine here! l o v e l y a f
  6. take ya damn selfies
    taking selfies and sending em to your
    girls is like, the best way to hype yaself
    up when you’re feelin down. your girls
    have your back – let em remind you how
    cute your sweater is today!
  7. remember who you are
    reminding yourself of all of the badass things you’ve
    accomplished is a great way to keep positive
    when you don’t feel pretty enough. you may not
    feel pretty today, but that poem you wrote
    made your friends feel all the things. you’re still
    lovely af, even if you don’t feel pretty.

you are heckin’ beautiful, sweet girl.
so do some yoga.
show yourself some grace.
go dance it off.
you’re the most beautiful human.
you are woman, after all.

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  1. Thank you so much for this heartfelt post! I enjoyed reading it so much and could relate very well! As I recently started a blog called I would love to invite you to have a read! The blog talks about issues like self-love and body positivity and seeing you there would be amazing! All the best wishes

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