a year of intention

a constant yes
a continual to-do list
an overwhelming sense
of business

the hustle and bustle
the here and there
the filled agendas
the long lists

the inability to calm
to be present
to rest

but what if

what if

what if we
lived our lives
as if we were

what if 
every moment had

a year of purpose
a year of presence
a year of intention

a year not to go
through the motions
but of presence

a year not to do
but to be

a year to breathe
a year to rest
a year to live

every single moment

sometimes we
keep ourselves
so busy
we forget how to

sometimes we
keep ourselves
so booked up
we forget how to

it’s almost uncomfortable
to sit at home
with nothing to do

it’s almost eerie
to sit in the stillness
in the silence

constantly waiting 
for the next thing
to grab our attention

but what if 

what if

what if we 
lived with more purpose
with more gentleness
with more intention

imagine what our
world would look like
if we worked with 
talked with
loved with

i want a world like that

a year of intention

a year of
reminding my people
how loved they are
how worthy they are
how important they are

a year of 
assuring my clients
i truly care for them
invest in them
want the best
life for them

a year of
getting coffee 
with more friends
traveling to see 
more of those i love

a year of concerts
and baseball games
and experiences

a year of 
showing up

a year of 
putting my phone away

a year of 
more eye contact
in conversation

a year of intention

imagine a world like that

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