why i decided to start a podcast + aligning with my purpose

over the last three or so years, i have really taken the time to learn to take care of myself. i always tell people, learn to take care of yourself before life puts you in a position where you need to take care of yourself. and that’s what happened to me.

i went through my shit, i learned to take care of myself, and i came out the other side – kind of.

my recovery has ebbed and flowed, but the last three months have seen consistent growth in ways i haven’t seen before. and i will tell you right now, a lot of that is due to Elizabeth Gilbert.

Elizabeth Gilbert wrote the book Eat, Pray, Love; but i started reading her book Big Magic a couple of months ago, which is a book entirely about the concept of creative living. essentially, creative living is the act of living a non-boring life.

and that’s what we all want, right? you look at people’s instagrams and they’re full of mountains and rivers and lake days and waterfalls and experiences. and you look at their facebooks and they’re checking in at different airports and resorts and locations. even people’s tinder bios echo a desire to have someone to experience life with.

we don’t want life to be boring. we want to live creative lives. we want to live lives full of adventure and excitement.

and that’s what brought me here.

if you were to ask the people in my life what type of person i am, they would most likely tell you i’m just a really good friend. and it took me a long time to actually sit down and realize that that’s what i offer so many people. i asked myself a lot of questions: where do i want to be in 10 years? what do i see myself doing for the rest of my life? what makes me happy? what do i give the people in my life already? what am i doing to invest in the people around me each day? when people come to me, what are they usually looking for? what do i offer them that they aren’t getting elsewhere?

one of the things Elizabeth Gilbert taught me was, find the thing you’re already good at, and get really good at it. and i seem to be good at talking. so i’m here to get really good at it.

that’s why i started a podcast.

i’m good at helping my people walk through the shitty things in life. it’s part of the “good friend” thing i was talking about. so i’m here to help you walk through the shitty things in your life. i’m here to teach you how to walk through the shitty things in life so someday they won’t kill you like they might today. all the best. xoxoxo

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