journal entry // 04.26.2020

i woke up feeling so fat today. fat isn’t a word I enjoy using. anything taught negatively about any body is body shaming (write that down) and i have worked so hard to remove myself from that downward spiral. but some days it still creeps up on me. old habits die hard, i guess. today [...]

kate’s air fryer chicken teriyaki

one of my favorite friends loves to cook on his snap story. (he's a phenomenal cook, by the way.) it has become one of my favorite things to watch him learn to cook. and the other day, he filmed his quick and easy chicken teriyaki. it looked so good, and chicken teriyaki is easily my [...]

limiting beliefs, trauma, + moving past self doubt picture this: the worst thing imaginable happens. your grandparent dies, your boyfriend breaks up with you, someone leaves you feeling violated to your core. and it changes you. and that's going to happen. it's going to change you. life experiences change you. so you tell yourself it's okay that it changes you. it's okay [...]

journal entry 04.13.2020

proud of me today for letting go of the reigns and holding onto myself instead. (@thebirdspapaya) i saw this quote this morning, and i truly couldn't get it out of my head. letting go of the reigns. holding onto myself instead. i often feel like i'm not living up to my full potential. i watch [...]

i am right here

a letter to my insecurity, that often creeps in and tries to bring me back to moments of pain. the hard thing about vulnerability is learning to care for yourself afterwards. it’s difficult to be vulnerable in spaces where you feel left to clean up your own wounds. i’ve seemed to have many conversations that have left me that way over the last couple of weeks, and i’ve found it left me angry. so i wrote about it. heres to insecurity, and to regaining your power when people leave you feeling less than.