seven tips for body positivity

the other day i got a new tattoo it's something i've wanted for a long timeand something i've put off for even longer the thought of putting permanent ink on my bodyalso brought on feelings of inadequacyfearuglinessinsecurityshame at the end of it alli didn't feel sexy enough to do what i wanted to do how [...]

the attack

it starts in my hands they tingle as ifthey’re waking up from thelongest nap, unsure of wherethey are or how they got therebut they never fell asleep then i feel it in my forearmsas they fight the urge to wake up every inch of the muscles they’re made of my biceps start totighten as if i am shivering [...]

victim impact statement

they want to know what it's like now, to live post thetraumatic incident you put methrough. they want to knowhow i'm living now. they wantto know how what you didthat one night has changedmy life since. they want to know the impact you had. so this is it. it isn't about what you did. it's [...]

world suicide prevention day

i think about it all the time how it’s going to happenwhat’s going to take placehow it’s all going to go down how i will breathe my last breaths on this earth it’s always organica car crashor drowning or getting caught in a fire the truth is, i don’t always want to be alive that [...]

let them see you

"you only let people seewhat you want them to see,"he told me."knock your shit off.i want to see all of you." 'authenticity,' i breathed.'real, honest, authentic.' seen. the most authentic experiencescome from the most authentic self so that day, i dove inhead firstinto the unknowninto the awkwardnessinto the vulnerability 'let them see you'i'd remind myself [...]

twenty four commitments

today is the last day of my jordan year today i took some time to reflect over the last year of my life all of the things that endedall of the things i will be carrying over to twenty-four and i noticed some things about twenty-three i spent so much of twenty-three growinglearningadjustingand investing in [...]