see yourself

i saw these words once: i search for happiness when i should be embodying it and thoughts started toswirl around in my mind why can i see joy in everyone else but i have a hard time seeing it in myself? why are the people around me so full of stability and love and hope [...]

things that make me cry

the other afternoon iran across thisvideo on twitter thatbudwesier had put out it was a videopaying tribute todwyane wade onhis last day on the court in miami the caption said"grab the tissues"but i didn't listen i should have listened i bawled like a baby. not justtears streaming downyour face crying, no, we're talkingaudible sobs that [...]


too often, trauma gets dismissed as just in our head. but the pain is real. we feel it. in our muscles, our cells, our hearts, our heads. and while there's no magic fix, no pill to make it disappear, we can ask for help. and we can tell our truth whenever we're ready.(meredith grey // [...]


you are brave even when they don’t believe you you are brave even when your days aren’t so bad you are brave even when your heart is breaking even when your muscles are tired and aching even when you’re at the end of your rope you are brave you are brave even when your body [...]


your worlddoesn't have to be a revolving door i find myself opening myself upto every single person i cross paths with and that's okay it's okay to bare my soulto the people around me to allow them to learnand feeland growand know that they arenot alone it's okay to be open aboutmy pastand also my [...]


i tried to liftmy body today. it wasn’t pretty,believe me. i weighsubstantially lessthan i dida year ago, butsomehowi felt heavier. and then i rememberevery second of the nighthe changed my life,every time i’vecried myself to sleephoping to wake upfrom this nightmare,every moment sincethat i've takento build the personi am today i feel heavierfrom the effort [...]

four ways to take better care of you

it's Mental Health Awareness Day, and my mental health tends to be something that i talk about often. so here i am, talking about it again. people don't always understand what it means to struggle with your mental health. i haven't always been good at caring for myself or letting others take care of me. [...]

the day after

It's the day after Valentine's. Yesterday was an entire day dedicated to the concept of love. But love doesn't begin and end with Valentine's Day. Love doesn't begin with a fancy dress and end with a box of chocolates. Affection isn't flowers delivered to your work and teddy bears on your bed. It's not rose [...]

things found and lost and hoped for

Sometimes we just need rest. I worked 68 hours this week. It was excruciating. Today I am spending my second and final full day off all month long doing many of the things I love. Today I am seeking rest. I sat in my absolute favorite booth in town (a window booth in Dogwood Coffee [...]