what’s up, i’m kate!

i’m a twenty something college drop out turned self healer, poetry writer, joy seeker, podcaster, and forever human to my pup, jordy.

i help women find value in their strengths by working through their pain to find their power. my trauma informed approach teaches people that no matter what their life has brought them to, there is always a strength within them that will allow them to grow in ways they never thought possible and will lead them to living powerful lives.

this is a safe space.

it is a space for reflection. for learning. for growing. it is a space for investing. for healing. for grace. this space was not created for you to go to agree. it is a space created to encourage you to see. it is a space for you to drop prejudice, to drop shame, to drop expectations, to drop weapons and envelop yourself with peace, with wonder, with love. come as you are. you are welcome here. i am so glad to have you.

my latest posts

  • the truth about self care + the value of a gyst day
    the coronavirus has officially changed the way we live. self care is the biggest trend lately. and so many have fallen into it. and i’m no exception. i fuggin love my self care sundays, my moments of silence, cutting the […]
  • giving yourself what you need
    when i was in high school, i often made friends with those considered to be “outcast.” my best friend throughout all of my school years and even into college was the most popular kid in school. she was the best […]
  • journal entry // 04.26.2020
    i woke up feeling so fat today. fat isn’t a word I enjoy using. anything taught negatively about any body is body shaming (write that down) and i have worked so hard to remove myself from that downward spiral. but […]